Smiley People

Over the past few days I've been surprised by how many joyful, vibrant people I've run into.  Two different cashiers at two different Wal Marts had me walking out wondering why they were so happy.  The guard at the gatehouse this morning made me laugh when I was hardly awake moments before.  Then tonight, a Qdoba employee's sunny disposition lifted me up at the end of a long day of work. 

In each encounter, those people were able to see the lighter side of me, a side that doesn't come out when I'm working very often.  All it took was a small effort to go beyond the normal "how's the weather" routine.  I guess it struck me that, more often than not, we go through our day focusing on the task while ignoring the people right in front of us.  It reminded me to focus on the people I meet every day; to bring out their lighter side.  Something to work on tomorrow...


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