Avoiding the Pitfalls of Working Extra-Duty with Rich Milliman

Is your extra-duty (off-duty) program working efficiently? You’re about to find out. Rich Milliman is the CEO of Extra Duty Solutions, a service that helps law enforcement agencies administer their extra duty programs. Before Extra Duty Solutions, no service specifically helped law enforcement agencies with their extra-duty programs. In 2015, Rich realized there was an inefficiency in the way extra-duty was being administered and started Extra Duty Solutions with his colleague, Adam Bryan. It has grown to the largest extra-duty service company in the U.S. and is now active in over 60 departments across the country. These services include handling client interaction, scheduling client invoicing and collections, officer payment, feedback — all aspects of extra-duty program administration. Law enforcement agencies maintain control of all management decisions associated with the program - Extra Duty Solutions does the work and eliminates the financial risk.

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