Obama's Legacy & Trump's Future - Dr. Larry Fedewa

Dr. Lawrence Fedewa, PhD. (aka Dr. Larry) is a conservative political writer for the Washington Times. A former businessman, technology executive, and college president, Dr. Larry is well versed in current social and political news and has over 100 online columns with the Washington Times. He is known as an early interpreter of the Donald Trump phenomenon as well as fiscal, racial, and religious trends and events. 

In this episode, Dr. Larry discusses everything from American politics, to the retribalization of America, to our founding fathers fighting for American ideals; from the history of Islam and Christianity, to the fight against ISIS today. Buckle up and enjoy the show! 

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- You can follow him at his new website, www.mypoliticalinsights.com

- Autopsy of GOP's Repeal and Replace Efforts: http://conta.cc/2nK4VIN

- Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell: www.audibletrial.com/policeacademypodcast


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