OPD's Finest - Taking You Inside A "Normal" Conversation Between Cops

This episode is with a long time friend of mine who is an Omaha Police Officer and works in the toughest part of the city. We talk about all sorts of fun and sometimes crazy stuff like the “Blue wall of silence”, tips on helping the police fight crime, how cops deal with the mentally ill, a couple of taser stories, becoming a cop and how to NOT get a ticket when you get pulled over. 


This is less of an interview and more of two cops talking about things cops talk about. If you enjoy this episode and want more like it, let me know. I can always find plenty of cops to come goof around share their stories with you. Just send me a message on Twitter or Facebook so I know that you enjoyed the show. 


Also, this officer decided to be anonymous for this interview. The reason being; there is a lot of red tape these days when it comes to officers talking to the media. He has outstanding character and certainly doesn’t say anything should land him in hot water, but you can never be too sure. Ultimately, his name is not important and I think this conversation is one you will all find interesting. Enjoy. 


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