Memorial Day Confession

We all take it for granted from time to time; but our freedom is not free. It's taken me 29 years to figure out how important this day is. Please share in hopes that more Americans will begin to appreciate the freedom they have and honor those who paid for it. And may God Bless America! 


On this memorial day, I have an apology to make; to every member of our armed forces who gave their lives for this country and to the families and comrades they left behind. You see, I am a millennial, almost 30 years old now, and I’ve never truly grasped the significance of Memorial Day until this year. I’m embarrassed to admit that I fulfilled the stereotype so well; to confess that I took freedom as if it were free. 

But it’s not free and it’s not just me. It’s not just millennials, either, who have lost their way. As I look around it is clear that our country is full of spoiled children, seeking only personal gain at the cost of the world’s greatest Republic. We act like liberty is owed to us, something all men are born with rather than something paid for with the lives of courageous men and women. We have forgotten, and some have never known, the sacrifices which paved the way for us. We apologize for your good and honorable acts of war which have saved countless lives and freed many more. We are taught the world’s problems are America’s fault, your fault. 

I have seen this for some time now and this year, Memorial Day is no longer just another three day weekend for me. From this day forward, in my house, Memorial Day will be spent honoring you, the ones who have paid the ultimate price and for your families who no doubt wish freedom were free. 

My children will grow up knowing how lucky they are to have a father at home, to love, cherish and lead them. I will teach them about the Chris Kyles, Danny Dietzs and all those like them, damn few. They will be taught the truth, that America is great, that we are exceptional and the future is as bright as the fire burning within our very souls. 

I am sorry; sorry it took me this long to respect your sacred day and to honor you with it. But I promise you this: your sacrifice was not in vain. We are still in this fight for a free and just America, a great country with principles that stands above the rest. No matter how bleak things appear, no matter how divided and confused we become, I will never stop fighting for the country you died for. 

Thank you for paying my ticket, for liberty, for freedom.


Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing