Hot Topics with Ph.D. Justin Nix

Does the Ferguson Effect really exist? Are police officers affected by implicit racial biases? Why are blacks disproportionately shot by police when compared to their population size? Ph.D. and University of Louisville Professor Justin Nix highlights the current research available on these hot topics, what it tells us, and where we need to look for truth on these important issues. 

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Articles Mentioned in this Episode: 

Washington Post: Study finds police fatally shoot unarmed black men at disproportionate rates:

Reverse Racism Effect:;jsessionid=5FAA4AC20F5FCAE2B0406642F6CC67AC.f03t04?v=1&t=ivsfwux1&s=bd7cc998b694d2a3e410bc7f5b6d55731484e6f1

Uniform Crime Report:

St Louis Police Shooting Data:


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