Avenue Scholars Students visit Bellevue Police

Deciding what to do with your life after high school can be difficult.  Many of us graduate and pursue a college degree, a military career or go straight into the workforce without a clear vision for our own future.  Sometimes it just takes some time and experience to get enough life under our belt to make such an important decision. 

Today, high school students from all over Omaha convened at the Bellevue Police Station for an experience designed to guide and inform their own career decisions.  These students are part of an amazing program called Avenue Scholars, which helps high school juniors and seniors prepare for, and eventually find, high skill/high demand careers.  

With the help of Roger Cox, Officers Filippi, Hoffman, Grubb and Sgt. Lampman, the Avenue Scholars students learned about a wide range of law enforcement related careers.  They were able to sit in police cruisers, handle various firearms, watch a taser deployment, see a police K9 locate drugs and experience Bellevue Police's high tech simulator.  They also learned about police dispatching, evidence techs and cyber crime investigations.  

Hopefully the knowledge gained from their experiences today will guide them true, whether they move toward or away from a career in law enforcement.  It's not for everyone, there's no question about that.  Whatever the case may be, Avenue Scholars is doing something invaluable.  My many thanks go out to Terry Fischer and the rest of the Avenue Scholars faculty as well as the good men and women of the Bellevue Police Department.  THANK YOU! 

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