Hold My Hand Officer

Yesterday's post is a great preamble for this one. By default, police officers have a very different perspective when it comes to assessing the seriousness of a situation. When a cop shows up and doesn't seem as concerned about your crisis as you are, it's because he/she knows it's not really that big of a deal. They just left the hospital, where a two week old baby is now dead because her dad accidentally suffocated her overnight. They just got done breaking the news to those parents; your little precious angel is gone and it's your fault. 

The fact that your FULLY INSURED minivan was just hit in a Wal Mart parking lot is nothing to get worked up about. No, I'm not going to review hours of surveillance video to catch the other driver. Call your insurance company. Have a nice day. No, it's not good community policing, but cops aren't paid to be your babysitter. They've got more important things to do. This sounds harsh, I know; but sometimes the truth hurts. It's better that you know the truth though, so next time you or someone else wants to complain about an officer's lack of empathy, just remember, he/she just got done empathizing with someone in a REAL CRISIS. 


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