I haven't played paintball in years. When the first game started today I expected my mind to request things of my body which it could no longer do. By the end of the first game, after taking out at least four of the seven bad guys, my expectations had been shattered. 

I am certainly not as explosive as I was years ago, but that's not what I was worried about. Especially in the wooded field, it was the endurance I really needed. I like to play the flanks, moving fast and low. Many times, investing the energy into covering ground rather than confronting the enemy head on pays off big, as it did today. By the time I start sending rounds down range, the angle I've got leaves the opponent mostly defensless. 

I guess I just don't see the wisdom in trench warfare. If the path is blocked, find another way. Water does this splendidly which, coincidentally, is why it's so destructive. It always finds a way through. 

When life blocks your way, be the water.  


Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing