Order or Chaos?

Life has a way of creating the illusion of both chaos and order, depending on the day or even the moment. In fact, who really knows if one or both are illusions? I mean, the reality is there may be an order to things that no one can see. Or maybe it really is true that chaos is always at the helm and our sense of control is just a figment of our imagination. Who really knows? 

My personal experience is that, when life rips all sense of control away from me, I've always found a new path; often one I would never have seen before. The momentary (if it isn't always there) chaos shakes things up, allowing me to see the world in a different way. The same components are still there but I can see them in a totally different way. 

So the idea that there is order, even when things seem completely out of control, could be real. Maybe the perceived chaos is simply order taking the reigns to redirect us, inspire us, or open our eyes to something we wouldn't have otherwise noticed. I know, crazy talk right?! This is what happens when I start a daily blog; eventually, the martian thoughts hidden in my brain come to the surface. 

Either way, whether there is no such thing as order or no such thing as chaos, the ebbe and flow of life is what keeps it interesting for me. Without it I would be really bored if I'm being totally honest. Change spices things up, keeps me on my toes, gives me the opportunity to learn new things and flex muscles that atrophied long ago.

I see change as opportunity. What do you see? 

Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing