Cheers to Rest

Ok, so today was actually the day of rest. I slept in, tried to get productive after breakfast, and then slept some more. Apparently I've been putting sleep off too much for about the past, oh... ten years.  

With my task driven, Type-A personality, it's hard to not get much done with a whole day.  But I have come to accept that not getting things done is better than wasting the day trying in vain.  I knew going into this Monday that I would be distracted for a good part of the day watching the kids.  When it became apparent that my body needed much more sleep, I figured it wasn't such a bad option. 

People are constantly trying to cheat their body's need for sleep in an attempt to get ahead, burning the wick at both ends.  In the end, there is no substitute, no quantity of caffeine, no secret herb that can do what the right amount of sleep does for one's body and mind.  You can supplement your energy level with these things for a time, but there are always consequences, and they're usually not worth the initial gain.  Time and again I've worked too hard and too long to get the job done only to be laid up for the next week due to sickness or injury.  The time gained up front is never worth the losses on the backside.  

So here's to those days, however few and far between, that we actually seize the opportunity to find quality rest.  Cheers!


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