Why Do Banks Ask For Account Numbers?

"Do you know your account number?" 

Every time I deposit a check at the bank, I get this question.  Every time my answer is "no, sorry." Of course I could take the time to actually memorize the account numbers for each account, but I don't. Does the bank really think their customers' account numbers are so high on the priority list that they are automatically going to memorize them? Or maybe they are trying to pressure customers to do so by asking the same question, every time. Either way, I'm not doing it. 

I'm not doing it because memorizing those account numbers would be rewarding the bank for poor customer service. Especially at a small local bank like mine, they shouldn't have to ask any questions. They know who I am, my name is on the check, and if they need clarification, the question should be about whether it goes to checking or savings, not about account numbers. 

The teller's response to my poor memory is usually one of annoyance, like I'm forcing them to work harder by not memorizing my account number.  Well I'm sorry, but it's 2016, and finding that number via the name on the account should take about... 1.5 seconds. If it takes much longer, it's a technology issue. Either way, making the customer feel guilty by feigning annoyance is not good business. This has happened at every bank I've ever deposited a check at. I don't get it. I'm not losing any sleep over this, don't get me wrong. The guilt trips don't really bother me. But I've been pondering the question for quite some time. What's driving this? I'd love to hear a legitimate reason for the pushback on this one. 


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