Schedule Adjustments

Over the weekend I've thought more about the role the blog plays and how the daily schedule has worked so far. As I've mentioned before, writing everyday is a great exercise for me. Not only does it force me to grow my creating writing muscles again, but it helps me get used to putting myself out there for the masses to see. 

The issue I take with this daily schedule is that there are too many days when writing a blog becomes almost impossible. I hate logging on and posting something only to announce that I'm too tired to post anything; that doesn't benefit anyone, including me. I think it would be better for me to write on the days I have time to write, and not on the days I don't. All in agreement say "I"...

Perfect, we all agree! So from here on out, I'll be posting only when I have time and something worth writing. Today, and much of this week, I'll be working on creating hopefully the best episode in the Facts of Ferguson series. It's all about why people lied about what they saw and how this has affected our country and police. Stay tuned! 


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