Problem Solved... Maybe

With a little help from my office buddy (thanks Josh!), the podcast feed seems to be back up and running. Time will soon tell the whole story as I've already posted Facts of Ferguson 2.0. If it doesn't show up in iTunes sometime today, I may have more fixing to do. We shall see. 

A little disclaimer: I drop the F-bomb a few times in the second Ferguson episode. I didn't get a warning in at the beginning of the show so it might surprise some of you. Don't worry, I'm not turning into a salty sailor. There are a few quotes in important parts of the incident where language is used and, despite my typically prudish speech patterns, I felt they needed to be included in full color. 

One last housekeeping item I'll put in here for you devoted followers. Please let me know if you notice any sound quality issues. I can't test the sound of these episodes in every car, computer speaker system, set of headphones, etc. so please let me know if you have any issues there. Is it too quiet, too much bass, is the music too loud? Let me know and I will try to make adjustments accordingly. I can't make it sound perfect on every speaker setup but if there are glaring issues, they should be fixed. 

Thanks everybody! 


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