Podcast is Live!

The podcast is finally live and available for anyone in the world to listen to. I realize not everyone knows how the podcast thing works so I've taken the time to write down a few instructions to help people find the show.

If you want to help get the podcast off the ground, RATE & REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE. Rating, reviewing and subscribing will help the show rank higher on iTunes, which means more people will find it. Sharing it, whether in person or via social media, directly grows the audience organically. Thank you for your support and feedback! 

Using an Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

1. You already have the podcast app. It looks like this:

2. Go into the podcast app and click the search button located in the very bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

3. Type "Police Academy Podcast" in the search bar. For some reason you have to type the exact name or you won't find it. Just typing "Police Academy" won't work as of right now. 

4. You should see the Police Academy Podcast logo in the search results. Click it. 

5. SUBSCRIBE: Near the top right there is a button that says "subscribe." If you want to have the episodes download to your device automatically so you can listen to them anywhere (even without service), click this. Don't worry about storage space; they automatically delete from your device after you listen to them. 

6. RATE AND REVIEW: Just under the SUBSCRIBE button there is a bar with three options: DETAILS, REVIEWS AND RELATED. Click the REVIEWS button. Now you can click on "Write a Review", give the show five stars (if you really love me ;) and write a review. 

7. Once you have found the show and listened or subscribed, it will show up in the "My Podcasts" section at the bottom of the app (second from the left at the very bottom). In the future, you can go straight to this section to listen to new episodes. 

Using iTunes on a Computer

1. If you have iTunes, go to the Podcasts section. This should be near the top left corner.

2. Once you're in the Podcasts section, select iTunes Store from the bar at the top center of the window. 

3. Type "Police Academy Podcast" into the search window, which is at the top right corner of the page. 

4. When you find it in the search results, click on the name in the third column from the left (Podcast), which will bring up the podcast in a larger window. 

5. From here you can rate, review and subscribe to the show. 

Using the Website

If this all seems too cumbersome or you don't have iTunes, you can always go straight to the source. Go to www.policeacademypodcast.com/podcast to listen to any episode you choose. 

That's all folks, the party has begun! 


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