iTunes has the Ball

Monday was better than last Friday, let's just start with that. I was able to get up and get straight to work on the intro episode before life could crush my goals for the day. Finally, after all these months of work and suspense, there is no turning back, no giving in, no surrender. The podcast has been sent to iTunes, where they will take a look and decide if it's worthy of stardom.

In reality, it's more like throwing it into a haystack. There are hundreds of thousands of different podcasts out there. Some are great, some aren't; but the overwhelming volume of shows ensures mine will get lost in the ocean unless it really does something special. The content has to be great, the audience has to grow, word has to spread. 

My intro episode isn't my best work even this early in the game. It is simply good enough. Unfortunately, this will have to do. I will learn and get better as I go, but launching now with good enough is better than launching... never. I trust that the message, the open perspective about a society which is very obscure to the average American, will generate interest and grow the listener base.

I also know there are so many who are already waiting for it to go live. The early adopters are key in getting a podcast off the ground. If you're reading this, you certainly qualify as one, so here's how you can help support the podcast's launch:

1. Subscribe to it (it's free)

2. Rate and review it on iTunes

3. Share episodes on Facebook, Twitter and tell people about it in person

4. Donate. There is a button at the bottom of the website which allows anyone to donate directly to Police Academy.  I don't expect (or want) any family or friends to do this. 

Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! I will advise when the podcast is available to the public. Until then...


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