One Person

I received the following text from a friend yesterday:

"Terence, I think it's great what you are doing with your podcast. It's very practical information for us ignorant civilians who have NO IDEA about police work. I don't share much on FB due to lack of time and little interest, but I shared your recent blog post. "Friends" have liked it and even re-posted it. You're going to go far with this. It's exciting. Keep at it and watch what God will do."

People who know me probably assume I don't need to be encouraged. I don't like the lime light and do just fine fighting the battle on my own. Even I sometimes think I can get along without an occasional pat on the back; nothing could be further from the truth. All outward appearances aside, the mental battle is real. Especially now, when I'm getting ready to launch something into the world that has my signature all over it, I could use an encouraging word, a reminder that someone actually thinks I'm doing the right thing... other than me. 

To be honest, I needed it right about then. I even had to fight back tears (no, you can't have my man card) as I finished reading it. I have no expectation of a huge following at this point, as the main event (the podcast) hasn't even started. The blog is more of an exercise for my brain than anything else. Even so, puting myself out there for the entire world to see with what, in social media numbers, equates to almost zero interest has been difficult. 

One person deciding to share the post quadrupled the number of people who read it. More importantly, her encouragement reminded me: keep your head up; someone is listening; someone needs to know the truth; someone cares about what you have to say. I said in the very beginning that if I only reach one person, it is worth the effort. I was right. It only takes one person to change the world, even if it's by changing only one other person, who in turn changes the world... or another person.  


Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing