Heart Attack

Today I woke up to my phone ringing even though it was on do not disturb.  The person calling would never call so early unless it was something serious.  I’ve been here before and I knew I had to answer.  The news: a close family member may have just had a heart attack.

I have been reminded all too often that tomorrow is never a guarantee.  My sister suddenly dying when she was only 17, my dad at 54.  In both cases, there was no warning and really nothing anyone could have done.  

The Lessons Always Fade

During those times I thought I’d never again take tomorrow for granted or say “goodbye” to a loved one without including, “I love you.”  Life has a way of washing away those painful lessons, while at the same time creating the ruts that keep us mindlessly trudging along through the mud.  We forget that life is fragile, just a vapor in the wind. 

Today I’m just happy to be here.  Tomorrow is wishful thinking. 


Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing