Dan Carlin is the Man

The first Ferguson podcast episode is finished!  I think I’ve set a great tone for the series and found a voice I like.  Trust me when I say, its not as easy as jumping in front of a mic and spouting off whatever facts or opinions you have about a topic.  For about two full days of work, I’ve got a 15 minute episode to show for it.  Sheesh! 

The more time I spend in front of the mic, the more efficient I will be; this I know.  But for now, keeping the quality of the episodes at a level I’m happy with requires a ton of extra work.  Even so, I know I will look back a year from now and shake my head.  It is definitely something I struggle with.  I don’t like releasing something I could have done better; and at this point, I can do every single line better, every time. 

I love the way Dan Carlin narrates his shows.  He’s a phenomenal storyteller to say the least.  Every time I listen to one of his Hardcore History episodes, I’m like a little kid sitting on the floor during story time; mouth agape, eyes wide, oblivious to the real world around me.  I’ve tried to emulate his tone with the first Ferguson episode and it worked out better than I expected.  I’m no Dan Carlin, but considering it was my first crack at his style, I think I did pretty well.  Since I brought Dan up, I feel obligated to warn you: if you listen to one of his shows, you won’t return to the real world for days.  I’m not a history nut but he brings it to life.  It’s truly dangerous.  

Ok, enough promoting other podcasters, time to get back to work.  Episode two awaits.   


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