An Easy Sacrifice

I’m not sure if “sacrifice” is the best word but what my friends have done recently definitely qualifies as such.  He got hired by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and shipped out to training just months after the birth of their first child.  Over the past six months or so, he’s been out of state while she has been selling their house, moving everything into storage, finding a house in their new city, and arranging a move with too many moving parts to count.

I was one of those moving parts today, which means tomorrow I probably won’t have very many moving parts myself.  Thankfully about four of his new ATF coworkers showed up to help.  Without those guys, myself and a few of their family members would probably be dead.  I mean, who decided it was a good idea to make a U-Haul that big?  On top of that, it looked like it was packed by the five-time Tetris world champion.  When we opened the door, at least three people said, “OH WOW,” in perfect unison.  Not a good sign. 

Everyone there was making a sacrifice in one way or another, prompted by the sacrifice of my two friends.  I’ve heard some people humbly refuse to call this kind of thing a sacrifice, stating that their passion for what they do means it isn’t so.  While passion might make it easier to endure the hard work, something has been given up for the cause: something has been sacrificed. 

My friends sacrificed the lives they had built and the first six months of their firstborn’s life together.  The ATF dudes gave up their Saturday for a guy they don’t really even know.  I gave up a Friday afternoon and entire Saturday with my family.  Everyone involved, from start to finish, gave up something for someone or something else.

Personally, I get more out of days like today than I put in.  Knowing someone’s life has been made richer, seeing their smiles, their thankfulness, or just a warm hug: these things make it all worth it. 

Thank you friends (you know who you are) and ATF dudes; for the sacrifices you make every day and those along the way.  


Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing