Spilled Milk

My wife sent me this text today:

I grew up with the old saying, “there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk.”  The funny thing is, I don’t think my kids have ever even thought about crying when they’ve spilled a whole glass of milk all over the floor.  They couldn’t care less.  

On the contrary, my wife and I are constantly in a hurry over nothing, stressed about things that aren’t important, and frustrated at the kids for, well… being kids.  We're the ones most likely to literally cry over spilled milk, not our kids!  

Every day as a parent is a reminder to take our own advice.  For the next spilled glass of milk life throws at me, in whichever form it comes, I’m going to treat it as my own child would: like I don’t give a crap.  Bottoms up!!


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