About the Author

The Police Academy podcast, Youtube channel and blog are produced by Terence Herrick. He began his career in law enforcement as many do: young, ambitious, determined to help people and fight injustice. Five years later, he left the police force as he continued to pursue his dream of making the world a better, safer place.  His badge no longer shined as it once had. It was tarnished and worn, each scratch a subtle clue to the dark, dingy, broken places he'd been with it. 

As Officer Herrick hung up his uniform for the last time, Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri, sparking outrage and protests around the country. The divide between the police and the public seemed to be ever widening. Each new incident drove the wedge deeper. Something had to be done, the truth needed to be told. 

Enter Police Academy. The podcast, Youtube channel and Blog create a platform through which the truth about cops, the people they serve and incidents that continue to spark outrage can be voiced and heard. No more media bias or generic, faceless statements from police organizations: just honest discussions about the real issues from someone who has experienced them first hand. 

Police Academy is about teaching regular people to think like cops, and teaching cops to think like regular people again. It is about identifying the motives and perspectives from both sides so they can be heard and understood. It is about realistic and good change for the betterment of our country and the people that make it great.

Do Good || Be Strong || Fear Nothing

This is Police Academy